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"...sweetly romantic..." ~ F. Kathleen Foley, LA Times


"...the unadorned performances are beautiful in their simplicity, with Felix and Khurmi being the naturalistic standouts." ~ Tony Frankel, Stage and Cinema


"There’s also a beautifully elegiac turn by...Nardeep Khurmi as the family doctor who nurses a desperate love for Nicky’s dying wife." ~ Paul Birchall, StageRaw


"...a deeply sympathetic Nardeep Khurmi." ~ Paul Myrvold, Theatre Notes


"...played quite sympathetically by Nardeep Khurmi" ~ Atlas Novack, Santa Monica Mirror


"...all-around terrific supporting performances, most affectingly from Khurmi as a trend analyst’s best friend ever." 

~ Steven Stanley, StageSceneLA


"...the definition of lovestruck devotion" ~ Steven Stanley, StageSceneLA


"...full of vivid performances like...Nardeep Khurmi’s indignant doctor." ~ Michael Van Duzer,


"...I am a fan of Nardeep Khurmi...he effortlessly convinces us as a plethora of characters, from Emilie's ridged husband the general to the man she might call her greatest, truest love. Plus, he's fun to watch in all his characters. Bravo!" ~ Isabella Petrini, LA Theatre Nerd


 "Nardeep Khurmi is excellent as Gentlemen, the poet, when he tries to woo his female suitor. His need is great and his charm is powerful." ~ Joe Straw, #9


"...full-hearted...chemistry onstage is palpable and makes for tender-hearted moments." 

~ Prosy Abarquez Delacruz, Asian Journal


"Khurmi makes us believe in Sandeep’s inner goodness." ~ Steven Stanley, StageSceneLA

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